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About Us:

Elegance, glamour & beauty - qualities that every women 

can effortlessly achieve when buying or renting a dress from .    Glam &Spark

We specialize in:

 - wedding dresses

 - evening dresses

 - matric / prom dresses.

Our  imported dresses are created by award winning, 

world renowned designers.

We also make dresses to order.

Our collections provide the look for every taste including: 

classic romance, high-fashion, glamour and cutting-edge

 modern designs.

Unparalleled craftsmanship combined with fine fabrics 

generates the quality products that Glam &Spark

is known for.

From mermaid to A-line to ball gown - the latest 

Glam &Spark collection offers an array of spectacular dresses that create the most flattering 

clean line.

Exquisite details and embroidery that reflects today's trend and yesterday's tradition.

Glam &Spark is transforming each girl into elegant and beautiful women 

she's meant to be...